Word of mouth will only occur if an emotional connection is made

In today’s competitive market, businesses are always looking for an edge, yet often overlook the unique point of difference they already have… their story!

People naturally relate to storytelling, and we believe that businesses have so much to gain from capturing and sharing their distinctive story to connect with current and future staff, customers, stakeholders and suppliers.

With consumers having so many online platforms to share a story of their own lived experiences, think Trip Advisor, Facebook, Glass Door and more. It is increasingly important for businesses to own their story before somebody else owns the wrong story for them.

Who We Help

Large Businesses wanting to create an emotional connection


Small-Medium sized businesses


Businesses celebrating a milestone


Leaders wanting to reveal their team culture


Businesses wanting to preserve their proud history


Businesses looking to define their identity

Our Business Offerings

Step Up Program

step up program to storify your business

A powerful one day program that will storify your business

The Step Up Program is an event that is offered in three parts to SME businesses (Pre-kit, Storify Bootcamp and 100 day follow up). The program will help SME businesses to design, test, align and validate their up-front promises, revealing their strategic game plan and authentic point of difference.

Story Capture & Celebration

celebrate your business with its story

Capture, leverage and celebrate the story of your business

We work with businesses to capture and celebrate their story by engaging staff and customers to capture the history and lived experience of your business in a fun and impactful way. We then package the stories into a beautiful keepsake creative outcome (commonly a coffee table book), so that your culture is preserved and passed on to future staff, customers and suppliers.

Story Training & Team Builds

story building and team builds

Any team will only be high performing if they know each other and their story

My Word offers a range of high impact and fun story sharing workshops, training sessions and team builds allowing teams to explore and validate their story so they can connect with each other on a deeper level. These range from ninety minute to full day sessions, depending on your brief and budget.

Package and Share
celebrate your business and story

Once your business story has been captured, there are a multitude of different creative platforms it can be packaged into, these include:

  • A coffee table book
  • eBook
  • A storyboard
  • A Game Plan on a Page
  • Brochures
  • Presentation folders
  • Social Media Content
  • Videos
The Impact We Make...
  • Demonstrate your vision and mission to clients in a manner which is impactful
  • Act and behave as a market leader
  • Foster long term relationships with staff and clients
  • Show your upfront promises are the lived experience
  • Define and affirm what you stand for as a business
  • Leverage your story to create marketing content
  • Engage the hearts and minds of the team
  • Celebrate your workplace
  • Reflect on how far the business has come
  • Show how you are unique (your point of difference)
  • Create an authentic and consistent brand message

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