How can you care for someone you don’t know?

Carers are so busy, with so many tasks to complete every day that the actual ‘care’ side of getting to know their residents can get lost. We saw this when my Grandfather was living in Aged Care.  He was wheeled out every Sunday to Sing-a-long, even though he absolutely hated singing, so he would act up.  We were receiving weekly calls, which was quite stressful for the family. Knowing little things like what he liked doing, and didn’t like doing, which is so minute, actually makes such an impact in their lives.

We are now on a mission to partner organisations within the Care Industry to make a real impact on the quality and continuity of care being provided.

Who We Help

Care Organisations


Suppliers to the Care Industry


Families with Loved Ones in Care


People living in Care


Care Professionals


Care Volunteers

Our Co-Design Process

We partner with our clients so that the process is done with them, not to them. We guide any client through our unique and tailored 4-step Story Process (below). This starts with  step 1 (prepare), which ensures each client’s wants and needs are understood and their budget is adhered to.

Once we understand our client’s  wants and needs, and more importantly know the impact they are trying to achieve, we prepare a tailored proposal for them. This draws on a suite of different capture and package techniques, strategies and outcomes that we believe will give them the best outcome and impact (emotional connection).

prepare capture package share process mechanism platform

The Impact We Make

  • Carers can easily learn who they are caring for
  • Residents are seen as important
  • Carers can use it to help residents to continue doing the small things they enjoy
  • How can you care for someone you don’t know?
  • Builds self-esteem for people living in care
  • Mark of respect and dignity
  • Reduces anxiety for loved ones / family
  • Enhances the quality and continuity of care provided
  • Enables carers to more easily connect with their residents

Some of our Partners