How can you truly care for someone you don’t know?

Carers are so busy, with so many tasks to complete every day that the actual ‘care’ side of getting to know their residents can get lost. We saw this when my grandfather was living in Aged Care. He was wheeled out every Sunday to sing-a-long, even though he absolutely hated singing! He was annoyed and frustrated, so he would act up. We were receiving weekly calls about his behaviour, which was very stressful for the family. Knowing what he liked doing, and didn’t like doing, would have made such a difference to his quality of life in Aged Care.

My Word is now on a mission to partner with Aged Care Groups and be the mechanism for residents to reflect, reminisce and share their life stories in a fun, engaging, stimulating and impactful way.

Our aim is to assist busy carers and staff to easily connect with their residents on a deeper level so they can help them still do the things they enjoy.

If engagement would improve the life of someone you care about, give us a call on 03 9592 3032

Who We Help

Care Organisations


Suppliers to the Care Industry


Families with Loved Ones in Care


People living in Care


Care Professionals


Care Volunteers

Our Care Offerings

Connect Through Stories Game

connect through stories storytelling game for aged care

An impactful activity with purpose and meaning that will engage, stimulate, entertain and connect.

The Connect Through Stories Game is a 90 minute facilitated lifestyle activity for residents. A highly engaging and entertaining game, residents will explore their memories and stories under a variety of key themes, connecting with each other as they have fun .

This Is Me
Story Service

hear my story capture your loved one's story

The This Is Me story service is a great mechanism for carers to connect with their residents in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Residents will come to an exciting event where they will connect with their carer or volunteer by telling their story and having it captured. This will be facilitated by My Word in a stimulating way.


story sharing oration to celebrate lives

A relaxed Q&A style event to honour residents and celebrate their stories.

The Story-Fest is a wonderful mechanism for residents to share their story with fellow residents, staff, family and friends to enhance social connections and bring together the wider community together.

The Ultimate Lunch

ultimate lunch capture your loved one's story

A celebratory Lunch, which honours residents by capturing their story.

Over the course of the 90-minute lunch event, My Word will facilitate and guide a family member, volunteer or staff member through an interview process, recording and capturing the resident’s life story.

Package and Share
pauline and her storyboard

Once a resident’s story is captured, there are a multitude of different creative platforms they can be packaged into, these include:

  • A Storyboard
  • A Life Story book
  • A recorded interview on USB
  • A transcript of the interview
  • A personalised family tree
  • An edited booklet / eBooklet
  • A door identifier
  • A Story Card
The Impact We Make On...


  • Know they do have a story
  • Build residents’ motivation, self-worth and self-esteem
  • Make them feel special and important
  • Honour and dignify all the residents have achieved in their lives
  • Stimulate their minds and memories
  • Enhance their cognitive thinking skills
  • Enable residents to connect with their families, care staff and volunteers on a deeper level
  • Connect with each other through sharing their stories
  • Have residents feel as though care staff know them
  • Give them something new and exciting to do

Care Facilities

  • Quality of care is improved through personal engagement
  • Build the skills and attributes of carers, staff and volunteers to use stories as a means to connect with residents in their care, and celebrate their lives in an on-going and personalised manner
  • Help care staff better know and understand their residents in a fun and engaging way
  • Boost resident – staff engagement
  • Help reduce the stress burden on care staff
  • Increase job satisfaction and fulfillment for care staff
  • Assure families their loved one is being cared for
  • Demonstrate your up front promise is the lived experience for both residents and care staff
  • Fuel your point of difference
  • External Communication (Content for social media, local media and internal newsletters)
  • Involve volunteers (eg. school students)

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