The only way to engage the hearts and minds of a community is through stories…

We class a ‘Community’ as a group that shares a common interest and has a sense of belonging, whether it is a School, Faith Group, Township, Event or Club.

Our experience has taught us that one off events (eg: Anniversary Gala) or products (eg: Video) do not make as big an emotional connection (impact) as a ‘hearts and minds campaign’, which is the co-design methodology we use with any community we work beside.

Communities are built around stories, and our role is to capture and package these stories so they can be shared in a way that takes a moment and turns it into a movement. This ensures that Founders, Pioneers, and Legends connect with Youth and the Next Generation.

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Our Co-Design Process.

We partner with our clients so that the process is done WITH them, not TO them. We guide any client through our unique and tailored 4-step Story Process (below). This starts with  step 1 (prepare), which ensures each client’s wants and needs are understood and their budget is adhered to.

Once we understand our client’s  wants and needs, and more importantly know the IMPACT they are trying to achieve, we PREPARE a tailored proposal for them. This draws on a suite of different capture and package techniques, strategies and outcomes that we believe will give them the best outcome and impact (emotional connection).

A sense of belonging is a basic human need.

  • Showcases the liveability of a township
  • Engages and attracts new members, families, students and investment to the community
  • Reveals the unique qualities and benefits of the community, which demonstrate its point of difference
  • Defines the pathway of where a community has come from to help induct and integrate new members
  • Engages the hearts and minds of the community with an emotional campaign and tangible outcomes, this enables local stakeholders to become advocates and ambassadors
  • Connects the past, present and future generations
  • Builds a social movement to showcase a social issue the community might be facing (not a one-off event)
  • Turns a moment into a movement
  • Stories can be used for advocacy