Celebrate your life and connect with your future generations

So often we learn about people at their funeral, which is too late! Everyone has a story and every life is unique, and to fully understand who you are, you need to know where you came from. We are so passionate about being the mechanism and platform to help you capture and share your life stories and lessons, meaning you will create an emotional connection with your future generations (even the ones you may never meet).

Reflecting on your life is not something you do every day, it is quite a therapeutic and cathartic process. It will leave you feeling proud of all you have accomplished and overcome.

Our mission is to help you memorialise your unique story, and preserve your family history so you can connect with generations to come.

Who We Help

The Storyteller


Their Families


Their Future Generations

Our Co-Design Process

We partner with our clients so that the process is done with them, not to them. We guide any client through our unique and tailored 4-step Story Process (below). This starts with  step 1 (prepare), which ensures each client’s wants and needs are understood and their budget is adhered to.

Once we understand our client’s  wants and needs, and more importantly know the impact they are trying to achieve, we prepare a tailored proposal for them. This draws on a suite of different capture and package techniques, strategies and outcomes that we believe will give them the best outcome and impact (emotional connection).

prepare capture package share process mechanism platform

The Impact We Make

  • Connect with the different generations of your family
  • Feel good
  • Reflect on your life (the good, the bad and the ugly – you survived!)
  • Realise you have done so much
  • Know you have left a legacy for your family
  • Builds a sense of pride in what you have achieved in your life
  • Feel valued and important to your loved ones
  • Feel good knowing your life lessons will be passed down
  • Influence your future generations
  • Families will understand their ancestors and in turn, understand themselves

Stories We Have Shared