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How to find your “why” and “purpose”

I don’t know about you, but lately, I have witnessed a lot of buzzwords being used like “know your why” and “what is your purpose” in both my personal and professional worlds. For me, the answer to this lies in your story, however, I have struggled to find any information that actually helps people to define their story from within in an easy way.

Our business mantra is: “In life, the only thing I live by is My Word, and the only thing I will be remembered for is My Story!” So what do you want ‘your story’ to be?

I am going to share with you 3 simple questions that will help you find your story of why and define your purpose be it professional or personal. I will also share some of my reflections to help provide some context. It’s important to note that when you seek to answer these questions, you will either reflect within your ‘backyard’ (your personal life) or your ‘front yard’ (your professional life), it doesn’t matter, just follow your thoughts and see where they take you. Your purpose does not have to be defined by your work life.

Question 1:

If you were to hear someone talking about you, what are the 3 words you would want them to use to describe you?

For me, I would want people to use words like Organised, Confident and Outgoing, these words relate to both my personal and professional goals.

Question 2:

How have you personally made a difference to someone or a group of people?

This question takes many people into their ‘backyard,’ including their kids, family, and friends. For me, I would like to be seen as someone who is really inclusive. I am always very aware if someone is on the outer in a discussion; whether it be in a personal or professional environment and will try to adapt the conversation to include everyone to ensure no one is isolated or disengaged.

Question 3:

What is one principle you live your life by that has a positive influence on your attitude?

I have quite a few principles that influence my life, but I will just share my top two: “What is meant for you will not pass you by” and “Treat others as you want to be treated.”

Reflect on these questions and build them into your stories of why and purpose. The key is to apply them into your everyday life so they become inbuilt into who you are. It is so important to rise above the busy white noise of the day-to-day activities we all do, and to actually understand WHY you are doing them, and how this is adding PURPOSE in both your personal and professional life.

You need to own your own story; everybody else’s is already taken!

P.S: We asked these questions to a group of people when we first started our business and published their stories into a beautiful book, which you can read by clicking the below link.

Link: It’s All About Leadership & Me


Danielle Stewart

The aim of my blog is to share tips and techniques to easily elicit more insightful stories that will assist your own formula for developing meaningful connections with others and yourself. The content for each of my blogs is authentically written, drawing on my knowledge, passion and expertise from personal life experiences and insights built from my corporate background.