Pauline and carer with my storyboard

Life stories place the resident at the epicentre of their care

There are so many tasks that care professionals need to complete day-in and day-out, making it difficult to spend quality time getting to know residents and their stories. So how can busy carers quickly learn about their residents so they can connect immediately?

My Word has recently launched their newest product ‘My Storyboard’ into the Aged Care Sector and the response has been overwhelming. The product came from personal experience of having loved-ones in Aged Care and seeing the need for a simple yet impactful tool to help hardworking care professionals to quickly understand their residents and their story.

My Storyboard has been researched and purposefully designed to incorporate a number of elements so that carers can immediately understand what matters most to the resident. This then enables carers to help their residents still do the things they enjoy. Anne Quinn, whose husband was placed in aged care, said “It’s a good tool for carers to gain an insight into Martin’s life before he was struck with dementia.”

My Storyboard

Martin with his My Storyboard

My Storyboard places the resident at the epicentre of their care by revealing who they are, their interests and what they like. Respect and dignity is everything in the latter phases of life, so by understanding their story, carers can tailor the care provided to each individual resident.

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