My Business FAQS

Why would I do the ‘My Business’ service? +

This is a great way to really explore your point of difference, which is ultimately your story of why! Explaining this is difficult, this is where My Word fits in. We are experts at eliciting the stories that make your business and your staff unique.

This service will help you answer the question of Why would anyone work for you? Or why would anyone buy from you?

What is involved with the ‘My Business’ service? +

Our expert team guides you through a six-step process (detailed below), leaving you with a high impact outcome (eg: brochure/flyer).

  1. Explore & discover – fill out a provided pre-kit
  2. Validate
  3. Record & capture

Steps 2 & 3: We facilitate a workshop session to explore, define and capture your authentic story

  1. Edit, Design & Package – leave this to us
  2. Review your outcome – one client review
  3. Promote & leverage – Receive a print ready pdf of your outcome

What are the benefits of the ‘My Business’ service? +

Our workshop and packaged outcome will ensure your employee’s:

  1. Feel good, have fun and laugh
  2. Celebrate where they work
  3. Reflect on your business
  4. Enagage & unite as a team
  5. Build a sense of ownership and confidence
  6. Join the dots on why you are unique
  7. Create an authentic and consistent brand message
  8. Leave you with a great tool for inducting new staff or clients

Why would I do the ‘My Game Plan’ service? +

Pulling together your business strategy, vision, values and team culture into a clear and coherent game plan is a daunting and difficult task. Our expert team will facilitate the development and packaging of this, so that you and your staff are all on the same page.

What is involved with the ‘My Game Plan’ service? +

Our expert team guides you through a four-step process (detailed below), leaving you with a pdf version of your ‘Game Plan on a page’.

  1. Complete a My Game Plan pre-kit (provided to you)
  2. Participate in a facilitated two hour My Game Plan validation workshop (at our Brighton office)
  3. We then design and package your game plan into a one page outcome, in readiness for final review
  4. A final pdf print ready version of your game plan will be provided to you for immediate use and printing

What are the benefits of the ‘My Game Plan’ service? +

This powerful process allows a business owner to:

  1. Summarise the critical success factors to their business
  2. Define their organisational values and team culture
  3. Articulate their vision and the strategies to sequence the business
  4. Create a common language and framework for the team to pursue in the future
  5. Showcases and defines what makes your business unique
  6. Synthesises all your business thoughts, tactics and strategies onto a single Game Plan on a page

Why would I do the ‘Tailored’ service? +

This service is great for small-medium sized businesses that want to celebrate an important milestone (eg: Company anniversary). My Word will capture and package your company history, stories, photos and memories into a beautiful keepsake book.

For the ‘Tailored’ service, how is My Word different to a publisher? +

Some differences include:

  1. We are experts at eliciting the story (we actually capture the content for you)
  2. We use narrative (what you say and how you say it). We don’t copyright the stories to ‘sound better’, we authentically share and package your story into a book
  3. Our high impact content capture day makes staff:
    1. Feel good
    2. Have fun and laugh
    3. Celebrate where they work
    4. Reflect on their time at the business
    5. Engage and reminisce on the history, moments and milestones of the business

How much does it cost for a ‘Tailored’ service? +

This is a tailored service, so every project has a different cost. Our prices start at about $10,000 + GST

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