The Story of Your Life

Everyone has a story, and there is no substitute for hearing a story from its source. We believe that history is a special gift that needs to be passed on before it is lost forever. We capture and package your lived experiences into quality keepsake books, full of beautiful words and pictures that celebrate the story of your life.

Our Story of Why

A few years ago I lost two of my amazing grandparents within months of each other. At their funerals, I was surprised to learn about many incredible stories, achievements and accomplishments that I never knew about… I had so many questions, but it was too late to ask them. Since then, I have met countless other people who have experienced the same thing.

So I started researching where people could go to not only share their stories, but have them packaged in a creative and engaging way. Sadly, I couldn’t find anything appropriate. It all led to writing or recording your own memoirs, which is time consuming, strenuous, and leaves you with a thesis of raw information…

This is why we created My Word. We combine care and creativity into our brand to ensure our clients enjoy the six-step story sharing process, and come away with results that exceed all expectations.

Our aim is to help you memorialise your unique story, and preserve your family history so you can connect with generations to come.

– Danielle Stewart

What We Do For You

We are currently restructuring our offer, so stay tuned for something new and exciting!

Who Benefits?

The Storyteller

As the owner of your unique story, our hassle-free process ensures the accounts of your lived experiences are preserved within the pages of your own compelling history book… leaving a lasting legacy for generations.

The Loved-Ones / Your family

It is the immediate family and friends who receive the greatest gift from perfectly packaging the life story of your life, in the form of 10 beautiful keepsake books to spread throughout your homes. Grandchildren and next generations will learn from your wisdom and life experiences, connecting with you forever.

The Future

Ultimately, the true benefit of recording your lived experiences is memorializing important family history for generations to appreciate. We do not produce laborious records to gather dust… we create compelling storybooks full of pictures, texts and quotes that reflect the personality of the storyteller and ensure no page of your story will be left unturned.

After all – there’s no substitute for hearing a story from its source!


“I really loved learning more about my nana and grandpa; their book has helped me learn a lot more about them and their younger years. I will treasure this book forever, so I can always look back on their life!”

— Abbey Snell (client’s granddaughter)