My Storyboard FAQS

Why is this beneficial? +

My Storyboard helps with the following:

  1. Builds the morale and self-esteem of a loved one
  2. Allows carers to connect quickly in a more meaningful way
  3. Enables for individualised care to be delivered more easily
  4. Reveals the life and soul of a person in care (they are more than just a name)
  5. A tool to activate the mind and memory of a loved one
  6. Serves as a convenient reference point for visitors and care professionals to help them connect and relate with the resident

What do I get? +

You will receive the following:

  1. Easy to complete pre-kit
  2. Quick turn-around time
  3. Personalised Storyboard of A2 size in landscape or portrait
  4. Printed onto specially treated and durable canvas
  5. Light and easily transportable
  6. A powerful easy to read Storyboard that enables carers and family to connect with your loved one in care
  7. Showcases a loved one’s life story, likes, passions, interests and family through words and images
  8. A beautiful keepsake to pass on to future generations

What is the process? +

Our process has 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign-up (contact us and we can sign you up)
  2. Complete a simple pre-kit about your loved one (we provide this pre-kit to you)
  3. Email, mail or drop in six or seven photos that showcase your loved ones life (a photo guideline is provided to you)

Then leave the rest to us… You will have a chance to review the storyboard before we send it to be printed.

How do I know what photos to provide? +

We provide a photo guideline, which helps you to decide what photos should be included, as well as how to scan and email them to us. If you can’t, then you have the option to mail or drop the photos to us to scan for you.

How do I scan the original photos myself? +

If you have a scanner and are comfortable scanning and email­ing the files for us; please set up your scanner to scan with the following settings:

  • 300 DPI Minimum, though we recommend 400 or 600 if the photo is small in size.
  • JPG or TIF files, please no PDFs or Word documents
  • Please scan in colour, even if the photo is black and white (it gives greater depth to the image)
  • If the scanner has a ‘enhance photo’ setting, it will give a better result.

Can I send photos that are on my phone or computer? +

Yes, but please make sure to send the image as the original file, taken from the camera/phone it was taken on, and without having been cropped or reduced in size/compressed in any way.

What images can’t you accept? +

Because My Storyboard is printed on an A2 sized canvas; it means the photos are enlarged, so if they are of low quality or small in size then they will become pixilated and blurry. This is why we cannot accept the following:

  • If they have been on Facebook (they are compressed down for screen and will pixelate when printed)
  • Sometimes if sent via email, especially via a phone, they can be compressed. If given an option, please always choose ‘original size’ (or ‘actual size’) or the largest file size available.
  • Photos smaller than 600kb in size

How long does the entire process take? +

Once we receive the completed pre-kit and photos, you will be able to review the storyboard within 7 working days (via email), once we have approval from you, you will receive the canvas My Storyboard within 2 weeks.

How much does it cost? +

My Storyboard retails at $595 (inc GST), this includes the entire process and the canvas printing of one Storyboard

What if I want more than one storyboard printed? +

We charge $295 (inc GST) for every extra storyboard printed onto the canvas

Words are how we think, stories are how we link