My Storyboard

My Storyboard

My Storyboard transforms the way family, friends and carers connect with people living in care. This ultimately enhances the continuity and quality of care they receive… one story at a time.

The carefully designed storyboard showcases a snapshot of a person’s life and personality serving as a convenient reference point for visitors and care professionals, helping them connect and relate to your loved one.

Our Story of Why

We developed My Storyboard as a simple and effective solution to enhance carers ability to connect with their patients and residents, and provide peace of mind to loved ones that continuity and quality of care is being provided.

What We Do For You

The process is easy:
1. Signup
2. Fill out a non-strenuous prekit about your loved one
3. Send seven photos that showcase their life

Our expert team then creatively packages the information into a personalised storyboard for you to review before it is produced onto a high quality canvas.

You will be left with a high quality showpiece that can be displayed in your loved ones room, so their life and soul is revealed, not just their name.

Who Benefits?

The Subject

  • Brings personality and individuality to a person’s room
  • Makes meeting new people and friends easier
  • Provides conversation starters with visitors
  • Eliminates the need to repeat your personal information
  • Reduces the stress of being misunderstood
  • Allows staff to know you immediately
  • Activates and stimulates the mind
  • Builds self esteem
  • Enhances quality of life

Care Professionals

  • Helps to quickly understand their residents/patients
  • Enables continuity of care to the residents/patients
  • Offers a level of personal identification, below the surface
  • Staff instantly have a talking point with residents/patients
  • Helps build rapport with residents/patients
  • Provides insight into a residents/patients personality at a glance
  • Helps to recognise if something is wrong with residents/patients
  • Lifestyle Managers can introduce new residents with ease
  • Acts as a meaningful welcome gift for residents
  • Connects carers with family members
  • Gives Care Facilities a valuable point of difference for marketing purposes
  • Staff-resident interaction is enhanced
  • Happier residents meaning a happier workplace
  • Potential resident’s families can see you treasure individuality and quality of care

Families and Friends

  • Reduces anxiety when placing a resident into a Care Facility
  • Provides peace of mind that personalised care is being provided, and stresses are reduced for your loved one
  • Allows family, friends and carers to connect
  • Enhances a sense of involvement by helping to provide the information for the Storyboard
  • Children, grandchildren and other visitors have a talking point with their loved one
  • Families get to know the new friends of their loved ones
  • Can be passed down as a family heirloom

Latest News…

Our friends at Alzheimer’s Queensland have generously posted a blog about our My Storyboard service and how it can assist Aged Care Providers to really connect with their residents. Check it out here.

Words are how we think, stories are how we link