Allow family peace of mind that Carers are providing meaningful and impactful care to a loved one.

How can you care for someone you don’t know?

Storyboard is a wonderful tool that gives the Carers half a chance to actually provide the care that is promised upfront.

Carers are so busy, with so many tasks to complete every day that the actual ‘care’ side of getting to know their residents can get lost. We saw this with my Grandfather.  He was wheeled out every Sunday to Sing-a-long, even though he absolutely hated Singing, so he would act up.  We were receiving calls weekly, which was quite stressful on the family. Knowing little things like what he liked doing, and didn’t like doing, which is so minute, actually makes such an impact in their lives.  

We don’t see this as a product for the Aged Care market; we see this as a phenomenon that needs to be implemented immediately to make any kind of change within the Care industry.  

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