My Business

The Story of Your Business

Proud owners, dedicated staff and loyal customers are constantly retelling the trials and tribulations that shape a business’ unique story… but where can you go to collate these stories? At My Word, we’ve created our popular ‘My Business’ Story Sharing service – designed to share a businesses unique story in a creative and engaging outcome.

Our Story of Why

In todays competitive market, businesses are always looking for a point of difference, yet often overlook the unique point of difference every business already has… their story!

People naturally relate to storytelling, and at My Word we believe that businesses have as much to gain from packaging and showcasing their distinctive story to connect with staff, customers, stakeholders and suppliers.

With consumers having so many platforms to share a story of their own experiences online, including Trip Advisor, Facebook, Instagram and more… it is increasingly important for businesses to own their story, before somebody else does.

What We Do For You

We have three options that we offer businesses:

1. Our ‘Tailored’ story sharing offer, this includes:

– Create a high quality keepsake book that helps celebrate an important business milestone (eg: 30th anniversary)

-Hand down important company history to the next professional generation to learn from and enjoy

– Capture the stories of the founders, staff, customers, stakeholders and suppliers through different interview techniques

– Package images (past and present) into the book, showcasing how far the business has come

2. Our ‘My Business’ story sharing offer, this includes:

– A non-strenuous pre kit

– A facilitated 3 hour session where we will explore, define, narrate and record your point of difference

– Images (past and present) to be incorporated

– Our team will package the information into the outcome of your choice (eg: brochure, flyer, pullup etc…)

3. Our ‘My Game Plan’ offer, this include:

– Complete a My Game Plan pre-kit (provided to you)

– Participate in a facilitated two hour My Game Plan Validation Workshop (at our Brighton office)

– We then design and package your Game Plan onto a one page outcome, in readiness for final review

– A final pdf print ready version of your Game Plan will be provided to you for immediate use and printing

Who Benefits?

  • The Business
  • A Business Owner
  • Leadership team
  • Partners
  • Shareholders
  • Employees
  • Associates
  • Prospects
  • New staff
  • Potential customers


“The facilitated session that My Word took us through was good for me to see what each member of our team had as their ‘concept’ of the business. The team also said it was good as they now see the business a bit differently.”

– David Lloyd (Step Global CEO)

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