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Our New Song

The services that My Word offer are ones that take a person or business on an emotive journey. This emotion has enabled our marketing ideas to try and touch all the five senses. We thought that it’s one thing to say and see something but to hear and feel it is quite another, and that’s when we thought that music is an amazing way of generating a feeling. I decided to contact my cousin, singer & songwriter Chloe Violette to help develop an emotive song for our business. Thus begun the early stages of the My Word song.

In our first meeting Chloe told me that “a lot of songs use an analogy in the lyrics because listeners can’t visualise certain things like break ups and love! People also can’t visualise ‘stories’ because everyone has their own and they are all very different.” Chloe worked hard to figure out an analogy to stories, story telling and the meaning of stories in our lives. She came back to me and said, “The thing that is very similar to stories is trees because people can visualise trees and people know how important they are in our world and our lives”.

Chloe went on to explain the similarities of trees and stories:

  • Stories make us who we are in life // We need trees to breathe and give us life
  • When you share a story, future generations will benefit and learn from it // When you plant a tree, future generations will benefit and learn from it
  • Stories keep us grounded // Trees keep us grounded
  • Stories are how we learn // Trees are how we live
  • Without stories, our lives are empty // Without trees, the world is empty.

At our launch, Chloe Violette played the song live for everyone, and now we have professionally produced the song and you can listen to it below…

Please share our song and #spreadmyword. We’d love to hear your feedback on the new My Word song Connect Through Stories!

If you’d like more information please contact us here and be sure to visit Chloe’s Facebook page where you can keep up to date with all her latest music.

Simone Hill

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