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Our Song

The idea to create our own song came about because we were looking for ways to express the many levels in which stories can touch our lives, take us on an emotive journey and stir up our emotions. It’s one thing to say and see something, but to hear and feel it is quite another and music is an amazing way of generating this. So we approached the incredible singer & songwriter Chloë Violette to write us a song.

Whilst developing our song, Chloë discovered the below similarities between stories and trees, which inspired her while creating the lyrics.

Song Lyrics

Chloe Violette and Imelda with her story

Song Lyrics

The mountain ash grows tall and free
While the liquid amber sheds her leaves
Generations down the line
Share their stories
While it all unfolds

As roots become stronger
Stories become longer
Soil becomes richer
See the bigger picture
Branch out further
You are history’s preserver
Flourish like a flower
The power’s in your hands
So it’s time to plant

So plant a seed and help it grow
Capture an adventure before it’s time to go
Plant a seed and help it grow
Celebrate your story while it all unfolds