Our Story

The Story Sharing concept of My Word originally started after learning the stories of my Grandparents at their funerals. This left me feeling guilty and upset that I hadn’t taken the time and effort to find out those deeper stories of these incredible people who had so heavily influenced my life, and the lives of my immediate family.

A conversation with my Dad, David, he agreed that stories are the only way to connect with people and he related it to his 30+year experience working with many Businesses, Boards, Leaders and Teams. He went on to say that “if you can’t author your story then you can’t lead, mentor, coach or train”. A Business’ point of difference can only ever be revealed through stories, and in our Story Sharing World, it is increasingly important for businesses to own their story before somebody else does.

So My Word was born and has organically evolved as we paved our way in a non-existent ‘Story Sharing’ industry. Since first launching, we have diversified our Story offerings into Communities and, more recently, the Care Industry. This came about after having to place our own loved ones into Aged Care and saw a need to assist busy carers to easily and efficiently connect with their residents, and the only way this can occur is to know their story. 

Welcome to our World!

– Danielle Stewart