Terms of Service

Offer Inclusions:

Your Book In a Day Process has the following inclusions:

  • Pre Kit for you to complete
  • A face to face session with a host
  • Scanning, logging and filing of all photo’s
  • Design and edit of Book
  • One review of book prior to printing to agree flow and proof read content
  • Printing and delivery of 10 books


The following upgrade options can be provided for an extra fee:

  • Premium cover options:
    • Leather cover
    • Hard cover
  • Larger scale book (eg: 30cmx30cm)
  • Extra reviews
  • Ebook option:
    • Ebook conversion fee (one off)
    • Annual hosting fee (ongoing, if specified)
  • Extra printed copies
  • Extra story telling session(s) (if one isn’t enough)
  • Visiting service (we come to you)
  • Audio extracts from the story telling session (max 4 minutes)
  • Family Photo-shoot
  • Purchase individual images from the photo shoot
  • A Video interview (as well as audio)
  • Express courier delivery of books (at cost)
  • Provision of copies of photographs we have taken or scanned
    • Hard copy
    • Soft copy
  • Other outcomes
    • Billboard
    • Posters
    • Post cards
    • Calendars

If any extra’s or additions are required, these will be at the specific request of the client. A price will be added to the fee and agreed prior to purchase.


Given the confidential nature of this service, there is a mutual obligation on both parties to protect the privacy and wishes of both parties. Hence Book In a Day ensures that each book produced is not available in the public domain (in hard copy or in electronic version) unless both parties have given their consent.

Therefore, eBooks will be hosted on a private platform, which can only be accessed by having the direct link. If purchased, Book In a Day will provide a private and confidential eBook link to the client who will have sole responsibility for divulging this link to their contacts.

Interviews with clients are held in the strictest of confidence. In the course of an interview with a Host or at any time up to your review (pre printing), a Client can request anything they have said to not be included in the book or divulged to any other parties. As a result, the following will not be provided to the Client, any persons or organisations:

  • Full transcript of interview
  • Full recording of interview
  • Any sensitive materials the Client feels they would like to keep private and confidential (Off the record)
  • All meta data will remain the property of Book In a Day and may not be accessed by third parties

This applies to all clients, living and dead
All metadata remains under the ownership of Book In a Day


Our privacy policy is available on request or can be found on our website: www.mywordcts.com


The onus of responsibility for the accuracy of subject matter contained in any book, which is designed and printed, remains with the client. No person shall be entitled to rely on any content of any publication produced. The publisher and editors exclude all liability for the direct or indirect loss by any person (living or dead) resulting in any way from the use or the reliance of any publication produced.

The accuracy and authenticity of the content produced in any book lies with the client. The owner of all copyright is Clonmore Pty Ltd Trading as Book In a DayAll rights are reserved. No part of any publication may be reproduced by any means without the written permission of the copyright owner, who will also need to gain the consent of the source (the Client)

Any options and advice are offered or suggested by the Publisher solely in pursuance of the Publisher’s intention to provide information

The Client must take responsibility for reviewing their book prior to printing. This includes proof reading the accuracy of facts, dates, data and correct spelling of names.

Glossary & Publisher Disclaimers

“Client” shall mean and include the person who retains the services of the Publisher pursuant to this Agreement and/or the person providing the interview, which leads to production of a Work pursuant to this Agreement.

“Publisher” shall mean Clonmore Pty. Ltd. ABN 96 050 134 293 of Suite 1, 2-8 St Andrews Street, Brighton, Victoria, Australia 3186 trading as ‘Book In A Day’ and its successors and assigns.

“Work” shall mean and include any work, publication or piece produced by the Publisher for or on behalf of the Client including any transcript or draft transcript or recorded interview produced under this Agreement.

Publisher will not be liable for errors, omissions or inaccuracies or consequences arising directly or indirectly from the content or subject matter in any Work that the Publisher designs and prints.

The accuracy and authenticity of all content produced by the Publisher lies with the Client. All opinions expressed are those of the Client and do not reflect the views of the Publisher.

The Publisher will provide options and advice in relation to printing and format issues.

The Publisher does not accept responsibility for any defamation, slander or libel whatsoever or for any claims, expenses, costs, suits or actions arising therefrom.

The Publisher and editors, where possible and to the full extent of the law, exclude all liability for the direct or indirect loss by any person (living or dead) resulting in any way from the use or reliance of any Work produced by the Publisher.

No Work can be copied, reproduced or utilised in any way or form including translated into any language or be stored or retained by any means, whether in hard or soft form, or kept on any information storage and retrieval system, without the consent in writing of the Publisher.

It is the Client’s responsibility to review their work, design or print prior to printing. This includes: proof reading the accuracy of facts, dates, data and correct spelling of names as well as all opinions expressed in the Work.

While the Client thereof provides the content of the interview and any transcript, copyright in any Work remains with the Publisher. To the extent necessary, the Client authorises and agrees that the Publisher retains copyright and consents to a transfer or assignment of copyright in any Work to the Publisher to perfect the agreement contained herein.

© 2015 Clonmore Pty. Ltd. ABN 96 050 134 293. All rights reserved.

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