The Team

  • Danielle
    Co-Founder/Managing Director

    Danielle loves family, friends, fun, fitness and furry animals.  She’s a foodie who can appreciate how well salmon and avocado can taste together and she doesn’t take life too seriously. She’s outgoing, and has the capacity to focus on the job at hand and to make things happen – she lives in and learns from her experiences based on extensive travel, education and hunger for life. Danielle gets people and people get her!

  • Hannah

    Hannah has a creative soul and kind, intelligent spirit.

    She nourishes her bright mind with thought-provoking and intriguing literature (namely Japanese authors and writers such as Kerouac, Hesse and Orwell).

    Hannah loves people and is admired around the office for her incredible bagel-eating ability and great sense of humour. When she has free time she enjoys travelling, hiking and seeking wild and beautiful landscapes, in Australia and overseas.

    Her poetic nature and gentle heart make Hannah a thoughtful designer who can get to the bottom of a good story and bring it to life on a page.

  • Bruce

    Bruce cares about people, from his career in education to his colleagues and most importantly his family and friends. He makes sure everyone is healthy and happy. However, Bruce still makes time for his own happiness; enjoying a glass of red (or a bottle) with friends over a delicious Italian meal. Over the years, he has had many different career paths, which have all lead to the same thing, really making a difference. This is why he loves what he does and gives his family many reasons to be proud of him.

  • Simone

    Simone is a long-standing vegetarian who loves a Mediterranean diet, especially if it involves Baklava, wine and iced lattes. She has a love affair with France and the French language having travelled there many times and excelling in it at School. Although her main skill set lies within her design abilities, she also loves sewing, gardening and singing in a women’s choir. All these amazing attributes make her a highly capable and well-rounded member of our team.

  • Franca

    With a love for family, friends and travel, Franca is a proud mother and loving wife with a social nature. She cherishes life and finds solace in keeping active by walking and doing Pilates. Franca has a soft spot for the odd soapie and catching up on gossip with friends over a coffee.

    Although having pursued a career in teaching, Franca has a keen interest in art and attends the occasional art class. Franca has proved to be adaptable in demonstrating that she can take on new skill sets by taking on the challenge of running a business.

  • Steph
    Host/Project Manager

    Stephanie is a young, vibrant and well-educated girl, who loves life, love and spending quality time with family & friends.  Stephanie has been fortunate to travel extensively with and without her family in her years, which has contributed to her strong independent and mature nature. In her down time Stephanie loves to chill out in Sorrento, read a book, sketch a picture or two or go for a run to unwind. Her great qualities of empathy, communication & listening skills are a credit to her in completing a Degree in Social Work.

  • Will
    Social media extraordinaire

    Will is summed up by one key motto ‘go hard or go home’. Whether it is beers with the boys, hanging with his lovely wife, sticking (or not) to a paleo diet or indeed his work and career, he gives 110%. He has a fierce sense of humour so there is never a dull moment with Will around. His work ethic is his secret weapon so there is no ‘off switch’, hence he plays a pivotal role at Book in a Day.

  • David

    Enjoys the challenge of creating and developing brilliant business opportunities not because he has to but because he wants to.

    The love of family and his enduring commitment to them gives him enormous energy and inner strength.

    He uses his quirky sense of humour and deadpan ‘devil’s advocate’ skills to challenge colleagues and clients and help them bring out their best.

    He’s comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t let life just wash over him – he dives in headfirst!

  • Jasna

    Jasna is our creative genius. She is blessed with an artistic mind whilst also having a keen eye for detail. She has lived in and explored much of the world and her broad life experience ensures she connects with the range of subjects we are looking to showcase whilst at the same time ensuring no detail is missed.

    As a lover of music (she was a drummer in a band), food, travel, art and design, Jasna will ensure the content of any book she is designing is engaging, readable and showcases the subject of the story in a manner that is creative and impactful.

  • Fran

    Fran is a caring mother of two children. Married to her childhood sweetheart she has worked hard to achieve the life she has today. Fran has an excitement for travel but enjoys spending time at home with a good glass of wine, box of chocolates and a romantic comedy. Fran is loyal to her friends and family but is constantly juggling a work life balance to spend more time with her greatest achievement her children.  Fran is an active and social person with a hidden creative flare.

Have stories to tell, not stuff to show