Three questions to help you elicit & reflect on your deeper stories

Geez 2018 came around quickly and I cannot be more excited for an amazing year ahead, both personally and professionally! After chatting with many colleagues and friends, I came to a realisation that 2017 was a year of immense growth, development and learning for many people. With this in mind, it’s important to properly reflect on your stories of the year that was, which will then provide you with a platform for a successful year ahead.

It’s all well and good to know you have to reflect on your year, but it can be challenging to analyse yourself, especially when you are not sure which questions to ask that will help elicit those deeper stories that have helped you grow over the past 12 months. So I thought I would share some questions I ask myself that ensure I positively reflect on the stories that have shaped me over the past year.

Firstly, I go to a place that makes me feel happy, calm and comfortable (my ‘happy place’). This can be a park, beach, back deck, café, comfy sofa or anywhere that makes you feel good and relaxed. Then I put on some inspiring music, pull out my notebook and pen, and ask myself the following questions:

1. What & who has inspired me to have strength, hope and a positive mind over the past 12 months?

This can be anyone and anything; there is no limit. Make a list of everything that has inspired you over the past year. It can be a TV show you watched, or a place you loved to visit, to a blogger you follow, a friend or family member who inspires you, your morning coffee or even your pet who makes you feel happy when you get home from work.

It’s really important to identify both the big and small things that create happiness and positivity in your life.

2. What am I most proud of that I achieved (or overcame) over the past 12 months?

It’s important to think back to how you started the year and recap on all the wins you achieved (big or small). Again, there is no limit to your answer, list everything that you achieved. This can be anything from running 5km, to drinking more water, to saving money, to being more patient at work/home or spending more time with your family and friends.

Again, it’s really important to identify the small and big achievements you made in your life that have assisted your growth and development over the past year.

3. What is your ‘word’ for 2018?

I attended a ‘Be Remarkable’ health and wellbeing event at the start of 2017 and we were asked to explore what we thought our ‘word’ for the year ahead was going to be. This is a word that is specific to you but broad enough so it can relate to all different aspects of your life. Words like ‘evolve’ or ‘build’ or ‘action’ or ‘find’ are really strong and motivating so you can achieve success in 2018, whatever that may look like.

So what is your word for 2018? And how can you use it to inspire you over the coming year?

Every year we grow, develop and learn, but life moves very quickly so it’s important to come up for air and reflect on the deeper stories that ensure we evolve into the best versions of ourselves. As Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius so eloquently puts it: “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts”.



Danielle Stewart

The aim of my blog is to share tips and techniques to easily elicit more insightful stories that will assist your own formula for developing meaningful connections with others and yourself. The content for each of my blogs is authentically written, drawing on my knowledge, passion and expertise from personal life experiences and insights built from my corporate background.