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My Storyboard – “Everyone Who Sees It, Loves It”

Recently we sat down with Anne to speak about her experience with My Word and in particular the process of creating a My Storyboard for her husband. Her story is one of strength helped along by the original ideas My Word have offered. Here is what she had to say…


Tell us a little about your story

My husband was admitted into an aged care facility at the beginning of this year. Although the accommodation is lovely, we needed to have a few personal touches added to his room. Obviously family photos were a must, but we also felt that we would like something a bit more original hanging on his wall.


How did you first hear about My Word?

Our nephew, Will, told us about My Word.


How did you find dealing with Danielle and the team at My Word?

Danielle was exceptionally pleasant and accommodating. Quite a few changes needed to be made to the photos we presented, and she was able to do this quickly and with a minimum of fuss.


How have people reacted to Martin’s My Storyboard?

Everyone who sees it, loves it. Even the staff at the facility have commented on it, and it really brightens up the room. 


What does Martin think about it all?

Martin loves it, particularly the colour scheme. Martin is a Sydney Swans supporter, so the red background is a perfect choice.


In your opinion what are the major benefits of My Storyboard? Do carers find it easier to connect with Martin?

Martin talks about his family to all the carers so they love the fact that they can put faces to names. It’s also good for them to gain an insight into Martin’s life before he was struck with dementia.


Would you recommend My Word to others who have loved ones in care?

I definitely would recommend My Word. It is such a unique concept and adds a positive dimension to the life of the person in care, both physically and mentally. 


If you or a loved one could do with the unique touch offered by a My Storyboard please click here to learn more.

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