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5 reasons why we should share stories

I have always been known to share stories with people I come into contact with, but I believe that is a good thing. I am a people person who regularly attends events to ‘spread My Word’. When I meet someone new I figure out pretty quickly what common ground I have with them and then I share a real-life story that will resonate with them. I find this strategy really enables me to connect with people.

I am very passionate about story sharing, hence why I have started a business around it, so I thought I would take you through my top 5 reasons why we should share stories.

1. It humanises us!

We are all human and all put our pants on the same way, but when I started my corporate career I was quite surprised to see how differently people acted when they were in the presence of the CEO, leader, owner etc… As a kid, my parents taught me to speak to anyone, no matter if they are an adult, teacher, CEO or cleaner. However as we grow up, people can be quite intimidated by other people. Sharing stories really helps to break down these barriers and connects us with each other.

Humans of New York have really perfected the art of humanising people through story sharing.

2. It energises us!

I love that feeling when you are telling a funny (slightly embarrassing) story to someone and they are nodding and saying, “that same thing happened to me”! It gives you this energy that makes you feel less of an idiot and actually makes you bond with this person on another level.

3. It connects us!

Everything that makes us who we are has come from a story; don’t be afraid to share stories (even if you think it won’t relate to anyone – it usually will).

4. We learn from it!

Hearing the stories of my friends and family means I learn from their mistakes (so to speak), and not have to make them myself. My friend was telling me that she went to a new café and ordered the smashed avo (what else would you order?), but when it came out there was a mere spread of avo on her toast (first world problems) and she was charged $18.50. So, her story stopped me from falling down the same trap and saved me $18.50.

5. It inspires us!

I watch many talks and read many blogs and the ones that I enjoy most are the ones that inspire me to further myself and actually do something productive. I have been reading the blog of Melissa Ambrosini who has inspired me to start practicing mindfulness (even if for only 10 minutes a day). This is something I had never thought about but her blog really connected with me and inspired me to start something new.

So please keep sharing your daily stories because it’s the only way we can connect and relate to each other.


Danielle Stewart

The aim of my blog is to share tips and techniques to easily elicit more insightful stories that will assist your own formula for developing meaningful connections with others and yourself. The content for each of my blogs is authentically written, drawing on my knowledge, passion and expertise from personal life experiences and insights built from my corporate background.