Grandchild Story Capture Project

Looking for a meaningful project for your children? 

We have just released our ‘Grandchild Story Capture Project’, for Grandchildren to work together with their Grandparents to learn & capture their life story.

This wonderful project is the perfect way to keep your kids entertained in a meaningful way, whilst making your elderly parents feel good and connected.

The Task: 

To have your children capture the story of their grandparent(s) using our Story Capture Tools.


The Grandchild Story Capture Project includes 4 downloadable tools:

    1. A Step-by-Step Guide (so they know exactly what to do when)
    2. A Pre Kit (for their grandparent to complete)
    3. A Photo Selection Guide (for grandparents to use to select top photos)
    4. A DIY Story Capture Kit (to use to interview their grandparent)
  • Grandchild Role

    • Explain the project to your Grandparent
    • Choose a recording device to use (phone, app, dictaphone)
    • Send the Pre Kit to your Grandparent
    • Send the Photo Selection Guide to your Grandparent
    • Use this DIY Story Capture Kit to interview your Grandparent
    • Actively listen to the stories shared
    • Enjoy connecting with your grandparent

  • Grandparent Role

    • Complete the Pre Kit
    • Use the Photo Selection Guide to select their top 100 photos
      (you may have to help them digitise the photos)
    • Reflect on the questions and answer in their own way
    • Enjoy taking the time to reminisce about different parts
      of their life
    • Feel good for all they have achieved
    • Enjoy connecting with your grandchild

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