Chatter Box

Did you know that screen time is severely impacting the family dynamics of growing families?

This can impact a child’s resilience, communication & conversation skills, emotional intelligence and lack of family knowledge. This is why we have created a series of Chatter Box tools to help build positive family dynamics.

Each Chatter Box tool is for growing families to use to better connect with one another by sharing stories in a fun and engaging way.

Our Chatter Box Products

1. Unique Christmas Placemats

This year is important, more than ever, for families to connect at Christmas!

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas in person or virtually, we have the perfect tool to use!

You see, these 100% recycled paper placemats are not only decorative; each placemat includes a fun activity for families to enjoy & discuss over their meal. This creates fun and engaging banter between all family members, NEVER HAVE A DULL CHRISTMAS CONVERSATION AGAIN!

2. Dinner Time Sheets

Need something to stimulate your family conversation over dinner?

We believe happy families communicate effectively and really know one another to create a healthy family dynamic.

And this is why we have developed our latest story tool called ‘Chatter Box Dinner time’. This is a tool for growing families to use to better connect with one another by using story sharing in a unique and fun way.