My Word, My Story: The Card Game

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Connect with ALL family members in a fun and relaxed way through sharing stories.

Often, all it takes is a question and prompt to trigger memories and allow stories to come flooding back. This is the power of our card game, My Word, My Story.

How does the Card Game work? 

The Card Game is a fun way for family members to play together in order to learn more about each other. It does not require any writing, and is designed to foster conversation.

The game includes lead questions that each player picks up and answers, some are silly, some are serious and some are funny.

Everyone will get the chance to share a story about their life, and when you are ready you can finish the game by choosing a final question card from the pack.

  • What does the game involve?

    • Purchase the Card Game online (we’ll post it to you)
    • Use it next time the family is over
    • We suggest playing with 4-10 people
    • The game can be played many times (as it depends on who you’re playing with & what cards you draw)
    • The game takes you on a rollercoaster (like that of life) where some rounds are light & funny, and others are deeper & philosophical
    • Each storyteller decides what story they want to share when answering the question ?

$37.00Add to cart

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