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Upcoming Events

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The Ultimate Story Experience

It is difficult to capture a loved one’s story yourself. 

Sitting down with a loved one and asking them the right questions, with the right context, in the right environment is what the Ultimate Story Experience delivers.

A cosy event where guests welcome a family member who has impacted them, capturing their life story throughout this 2-hour curated experience.

My Word will provide guests with the story capture tools, ensuring they learn more about their loved (and make them feel special along the way).

Guests will also receive their personal audio recording, a priceless legacy for their family to keep forever.

How to Better Connect

my word power of stories workshop

The How to Better Connect workshop designed to bring it back to basics with practical tips and tools to empower you to better connect with people the old fashioned way, in person.

Story Reunion

my word family reunion story capture service

A perfect way to host your family reunion, whilst capturing family stories that would otherwise be lost. This will help build a greater understanding and connection with each other.

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