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1:1 Life Story Capture

If capturing a story yourself is not possible, one of our Storymasters can do it for you.

We have carefully created our ‘1:1 Life Story Capture’ service to ensure your loved one’s story is known and understood… forever!

Have one of our expert Storymasters capture their story in a relaxed and dignified way, leaving them feeling uplifted and empowered.

  • What does this include?

    • 1. Book in & receive pre-kit (*receive two for couples)
      The completed pre-kit will be sent back to us before the interview, so we know a bit more about your loved one and their story.
    • 2. Story Capture
      Your My Word Storymaster will guide your loved one through an enjoyable 2 hour recorded conversation (4 hours for couples), which will honour and dignify them.
    • 3. Receive the audio recording
      This will be emailed to you along with our Story Catalogue showcasing what the story can be packaged into (if and when you choose).


Individuals: $375 (inc GST) (with a 2 hour interview)

Couples: $650 (inc GST) (with a 4 hour interview)

If you would like to learn more about this service then please get in touch with us.