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Zoom 1:1 Life Story Capture

If capturing a story yourself is not possible, one of our Storymasters can do it for you.

We have carefully created our ‘1:1 Life Story Capture’ service to ensure your loved one’s story is known and understood… forever!

Have one of our expert Storymasters capture their story in a relaxed and dignified way, leaving them feeling uplifted and empowered.


Zoom 1:1 Life Story Capture Service:

This Zoom 1:1 Life Story Capture service is where we interview a person virtually (over zoom or the phone) for 90mins – 2 hours and record their story. The best part is that this service can be conducted globally – no matter where you live, we can capture the story.

We have 2 options available that you can choose from:

  • Option 1: Receive Audio Only

    • Step 1: Preparation
      • Liaise with Family and Storyteller to outline the process and outcomes (as we are doing)
      • If all agreeable, payment is made
      • Receive Pre Kit (this is a questionnaire to help them go down memory lane. It is not onerous, but helps dot point and plot a life storyline)
      • Send completed Pre Kit back to us (via email)
      • Our Storymaster will then analyse this to ensure we get the most out of the interview
    • Step 2: Story Capture
      • Our expert Storymaster will conduct the 2 hour zoom/phone interview (first 15 minutes to get acquainted, then begin the interview)
      • We record the interview (just the audio, not video)
    • Step 3: Receive Audio Recording (via email)

If you would like to learn more about this service then please get in touch with us.

  • Option 2: Receive Audio + Transcript

    • Step 1: Preparation (same as option 1)
    • Step 2: Story Capture (same as option 1)
    • Step 3: Transcribe audio recording
      • We have the audio recording transcribed  (the full interview in its entirety)
    • Step 4: Receive 3 Story Outcomes (via email)
      • 1. Audio Recording
      • 2. Full Transcript (in word document)

If you would like to learn more about this service then please get in touch with us.


The Storyteller (Client) will own the copyright of the audio and transcript.The Client is responsible for the accuracy, dates, data, and names, as well as all opinions expressed.All opinions expressed are those of the Client and does not reflect the views of My Word Connect Through Stories Pty Ltd, nor is My Word Connect Through Stories liable for any damages that may occur from the views expressed.