Top 100 Photo Selection Guide

We all have those dusty albums or box of photos that we never have time to go through and label/digitise.

Photos are a fundamental part of bringing your story to life. They help prompt further stories and when properly labelled, they will give context to future generations in years to come.

It can be overwhelming going through your photos, this is why we have created this simple step-by-step guide so you can easily filter, select, order, label and scan your Top 100 photo memories.

  • Why should I use this?

    • This will give your family context to your precious photos and memories 
    • Is a great project to chip away at
    • Helps you reflect on your amazing life 
    • Is fun and joyful as you look back through all the phases of your life (from horrible fashion to trendy hairstyles)
    • Digitising your top 100 photos will mean you have a back up if the original photos are lost or destroyed (by a fire)

  • How does it work?

    • Purchase and immediately download our 6 Step Guide
    • Pull out some old photo albums and/or boxes
    • Start to go through your photos (as per the guide)
    • You may want to involve family members in the process too
    • Please Note: This project can take a little time, make sure you enjoy the process of reminiscing as you go through your photos

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Filter Down to Your Top 100 Photos

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