Story Capture

No matter who you are or where you’re from, everyone has a story worth honouring.

This is why we have carefully created our Story Capture offers to ensure your loved one’s story is known and understood… forever!

DIY Story Capture Kit

DIY Story Capture Kit interview and capture the story of your loved one

Not sure how to structure your questions for your loved one?

We have taken the hassle out of it for you and created this clear structure that will guide you through a recorded conversation with your loved one so that you can capture their story yourself (and make them feel good along the way).

This kit explores four key life chapters, each covering a number of lead questions and subsequent follow up prompts, so you can find out those deeper stories that you may not otherwise know.

To learn more, you can watch this video which highlights the benefits in more detail.

  • The Benefits for the Storyteller

    • Enjoy reflecting about different parts of their life in a relaxed way
    • Build self worth, pride and dignity
    • Connect on a deeper level
    • Know their story will be shared with future generations… forever

  • The Benefits for the Interviewer

    • Learn and understand your loved one on a deeper level
    • Understand yourself better
    • Make your loved one feel good
    • Capture their story to pass on to future generations… forever

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1:1 Life Story Capture

Storymaster interviewing life story

If capturing a story yourself is not possible, one of our Storymasters can do it for you.

We have carefully created our ‘1:1 Life Story Capture’ service to ensure your loved one’s story is known and understood… forever!

Have one of our expert Storymasters capture their story in a relaxed and dignified way, leaving them feeling uplifted and empowered.

  • What does this include?

    • 1. Book in & receive pre-kit (*receive two for couples)
      The completed pre-kit will be sent back to us before the interview, so we know a bit more about your loved one and their story.
    • 2. Story Capture
      Your My Word Storymaster will guide your loved one through an enjoyable 2 hour recorded conversation (4 hours for couples), which will honour and dignify them.
    • 3. Receive the audio recording
      This will be emailed to you along with our Story Catalogue showcasing what the story can be packaged into (if and when you choose).


Individuals: $375 + GST (with a 2 hour interview)

Couples: $650 + GST (with a 4 hour interview)

If you would like to learn more about this service then please get in touch with us.

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