Chatter Box Dinner Time

Need something to stimulate your family conversation over dinner?

We believe happy families communicate effectively and really know one another to create a healthy family dynamic.

And this is why we have developed our latest story tool called ‘Chatter Box Dinner time’. This is a tool for growing families to use to better connect with one another by using story sharing in a unique and fun way. It has been carefully designed to build positive family dynamics.

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  • Why should I use this?

    • Dinner time is a great opportunity to check in and discuss life as a family
    • Build positive family dynamics
    • Improve language and literacy skills
    • Help your children understand their emotions
    • Share solutions to problems together
    • Suited for families with children between 7-16years of age

  • How does it work?

    • Purchase and immediately download 12 Chatter Box sheets
    • Dedicate ONE night each week as ‘Chatter Box Night’
    • Use one sheet per week (for 12 weeks)
    • Each sheet should last around 30 minutes
    • A great way to spice up your family dinners
    • We would appreciate if you can give us your feedback HERE ?

Pilot and Evaluation Feedback

Want to learn about our market research?

Prior to commencing our Pilot and Evaluation process, we conducted some market research in October and November of 2019 to gain feedback from parents with young families and their dinnertime dynamics. Through this feedback we were able to gain some insights into favourite meals, when families do sit down together and eat, length of time dinner takes, any family meal time rules, and whether there was interest in a tool to help prompt dinner time family conversations.

Our initial market research feedback helped to inform and prepare our pilot and evaluation process. Little did we foresee the issue of COVID-19, and how the Chatter Box Dinner Time Tool would play in helping support and connect families (face to face and virtually) during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.