Chatter Box Dinner Time

Need something to stimulate your family conversation over dinner?

We believe happy families communicate effectively and really know one another to create a healthy family dynamic.

And this is why we have developed our latest story tool called ‘Chatter Box Dinner time’. This is a tool for growing families to use to better connect with one another by using story sharing in a unique and fun way. It has been carefully designed to build positive family dynamics.

  • Why should I use this?

    • Dinner time is a great opportunity to check in and discuss life as a family
    • Build positive family dynamics
    • Improve language and literacy skills
    • Help your children understand their emotions
    • Share solutions to problems together
    • Suited for families with children between 7-16years of age

  • How does it work?

    • Purchase and immediately download 12 Chatter Box sheets
    • Dedicated ONE night each week as ‘Chatter Box Night’
    • Use one sheet per week (for 12 weeks)
    • Each sheet should last around 30 minutes
    • Please give us your feedback HERE 🤗

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