How Community Connection Will Help You Live a Happy & Prosperous Life

Most people have a life goal to live a happy and prosperous life, so we wanted to share a common theme we’ve found in our experience and research. 

Staying connected to a community, whatever that may be, is a key element in living a happy, fulfilled and long life. A community , by nature, is a group of people who have particular characteristics in common. This group aims to foster a sense of belonging for all members, which is it’s true power. 

Communities come in all shapes and sizes, some common ‘communities’ are families, friendship groups, hobby groups (eg: sport), belief groups or where you live. The important thing is to recognise which group(s) makes you feel that sense of belonging. 

The first step is to have a community you belong to, and the second step is to keep nurturing your relationship with them. 

We want to share 3 techniques you can use to nurture your connection with your community, which will help ensure you maintain your happiness: 

  1. Talk with them every week, this doesn’t have to be in person, but regularly connecting with your community is a great way to refill your tank if you are having a tough week or a great outlet to share your good week. 
  2. Organise a fun outing with them, this can be a group dinner or it can be a weekend getaway. As long as it’s something that will be fun and take you away from reality. Having something to look forward to is important, and having something that will remove you from reality is a wonderful way to recharge your batteries (and have fun). 
  3. Use our Card Game to deepen your connection with them, this is a carefully designed tool that uses story sharing to gain a deeper understanding of those around you in a fun and relaxed way. 


At My Word, our mission is to empower people to better connect through stories

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My Word