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How Story Sharing Makes You Feel Good

Many of us would have heard of the four main happiness hormones, Dopamine, Endorphins, Serotonin and Oxytocin. Today we want to explore the last two as they are heavily related to sharing stories. 

  1. Serotonin: Is released through feelings of pride, achievement, and recognition
  2. Oxytocin: Is released through feelings of love, intimacy, trust and safety 

So how do these hormones relate to story sharing? Asking thoughtful questions to learn more about someone else is one of the traits ‘ridiculously likeable people’ have in common, shares Travis Bradberry (Emotional Intelligence Author). 

Through asking questions about a loved one’s life, including their interests, likes, and passions, will help release feelings of pride, respect and acknowledgement of what they have achieved. Reflecting, recognising and sharing their stories is when serotonin will be released, making them feel good. 

Likewise, when our loved one feels loved and safe they will release oxytocin, also making them feel good. We understand that life is busy, so we find ringing up our loved one to have a phone chat is a good way to re-enforce that they are loved and an important part of your life. This is quite an easy thing to do, we find commuting to or from work is a great time to call someone you love (parents, grandparents, in-laws) and learn more about them, making them feel good. 

PSST: It’s important to not only ask thoughtful questions, but to also practice active listening to steer the conversation and find out those deeper stories. 

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