Our Approach

Our expertise is providing a mechanism to prepare and capture stories, and then we provide a platform for them to be packaged and shared. This is the Story Process we take any client through, whether you are a Business, Family, Community or Care Industry. Our approach is tailored to the wants and needs of each client, because every story is unique.

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Co-Design Methodology

In order to ensure that our Story Process is done in a manner, which engages the hearts and minds and creates an emotional connection, a Co-Design methodology is essential.  We work with our clients, not do it to them.

Partnership Approach

Typically we partner our clients to ensure we take an intimate and targeted approach to help strengthen their connection and engagement with their own audience, whether that be clients, staff, residents, family or members.

Theory of Narrative

Story telling is the oldest and most effective way to pass on history and wisdom. This is why we use the theory of narrative to elicit stories; we honour what you say and how you say it (so your story authentically sounds like you).

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“We found the whole process enjoyable and surprisingly easy; thanks to the guide we were provided.”


– Mike McCarthy (Nephew of Gwen)