Father’s Day DIY Story Capture Kit

Purchase and immediately download today, and learn about your dad!

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Have a Virtual Beer with Dad this Father’s Day & learn his story!

Being a Dad is the most rewarding, challenging, difficult and all-consuming leadership role any male undertakes – There is no rule book!

Every Dad does it his way (as best he can). Our question to you is “how well do you know his story?

Chatting to your Dad over a virtual beer this Father’s Day is the perfect gift to give him that will honour him and give him a chance to share his words of wisdom.

This Father’s Day no matter where he is or what the circumstances:

    • Have a beer and make a time to chat with him
    • Learn about his story of being a father using the questions in this kit (especially the Father’s Day specific questions)
    • Listen to his story – and if possible, record the conversation (you’ll be glad you did)
    • Enjoy the time together


What is the ‘Father’s Day DIY Story Capture Kit’? 

This downloadable kit includes 7 questions you MUST ask your Dad this Father’s Day (over a beer or 2).


    • The rest of the DIY Kit: 
      • Explores 4 key life chapters 
      • Includes 20 lead questions
      • Includes 60+ follow up prompt questions
    • Go through it in sections (no need to do it all at once)
    • It’s only $25
    • Immediately download the DIY kit once purchased 
    • Receive a 10% discount on any other My Word product (available until 31st December 2021)

We guarantee you will find out stories that you didn’t know ?

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  • What Are the Benefits for Dad?

    • He will enjoy reflecting and reminiscing about the different parts of his life in a relaxed way
    • This will build his self-worth, pride and dignity (as he realises all he has achieved)
    • Doing this will deepen his connection with you 
    • It is a great distraction for him (especially if he is in lockdown in Vic)
    • It will give him peace of mind that his story is known and captured for future generations… forever!

  • What Are the Benefits for You?

    • Doing this will enable you to learn and understand your Dad on a deeper level
    • As you learn more about him, you will actually understand yourself better
    • Learning about your Dad’s story will make him feel good
    • We guarantee you will learn things you didn’t know about him (things you may relate to)
    • Understanding & Capturing his story will benefit all your future generations to come