Why it’s important that Stimulating Conversations Happen At Family Dinner Time

Researchers, psychologists and academics have been highlighting a growing phenomenon which is unique to the current generation of children. With the evolution of technology and electronic devices, too much screen time is being linked to adversely affecting the social development of children’s:

    1. Communication
    2. Conversation Skills
    3. Connection


Communication is something learnt and developed over time. It requires much more than just language skills, it also requires an ability to speak, actively listen and pick up on verbal and non-verbal cues. 

Conversation skills require an ability to adapt and modify a conversation depending on the person with whom one is conversing with. This builds a library of language skills enabling children to process and respond to what is being said. 

Connecting with people is achieved through a variety of communication and conversation mediums and platforms. It needs to be free of distractions in an environment which is conducive for connection. 

The FAMILY DINNER TABLE is the perfect place to practice, apply and build the skills of the above Three Cs. Whilst this is not always possible as we live in a busy World with competing family priorities, it’s important to dedicate at least one night a week to connect with each other over dinner time. 

If you are looking for a way to help kick start more stimulating conversations with your Family over dinner, we have carefully developed a Chatter Box Dinner Time Tool. It is designed to last for 20-30minutes as it prompts you to all check in, share and discuss topical issues, as well as solve problems in a fun way. 

Whilst this will help your family further build a positive connection, you will also build communication and conversation skills in your children. 

Warm Regards, 
My Word