The 5 Key Life Lessons to Pass on to Future Generations

Every life story has important lessons for future generations. The older someone becomes the more wisdom they have to share.

It’s important to understand that these lessons don’t have to be big to make an impact on the next generation. Usually, it’s the practical lessons that make the most impact. 

In this blog, we share the 5 key life lessons we have seen make the biggest impact on the next generation.

The 5 key life lessons to pass on to future generations:


      1. Overcoming Hardship and Tragedy. How a person deals with adversity is an invaluable lesson. It will outline techniques to deal with certain problems, provide messages of hope, and help create a sense of confidence to the next generation. Showing that they can overcome their current situation. 
      2. Importance of the love of Family. When all is said and done what matters is health, happiness and family. Love is a universal binding quality that helps provide everyone with a sense of belonging. Linking one generation to the next with the gift of love is perhaps the most powerful connection of generations.
      3. Enterprising Pursuits. Every business was started by an entrepreneur. But the story of growth, persistence, making your own luck, key breakthrough moments and pivotal business moments are invaluable lessons for any future generations.
      4. Formula for Parenting. Everyone has their own formula for parenting. We all feed off the collective wisdom of our parents and grandparents when it comes to parenting. Our lived experience of growing up and the lessons taught help guide our approach to parenting. Over time, there are some approaches that are ageless, which can be passed on from one generation to the next.
      5. Family Genetics. Whether it be medical conditions, personality traits, or indeed quirky family habits, knowing them will help inform one generation to the next. You cannot manage what you do not know. By being more aware and familiar with your family DNA helps inform and risk mitigate the wellbeing of future generations.


So, how many of the above 5 lessons do you know about your parents and grandparents? 

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