DIY Story Capture Kit

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Not sure how to structure your questions for your loved one?

We have taken the hassle out of it for you and created this clear structure that will guide you through a recorded conversation with your loved one so that you can capture their story yourself (and make them feel good along the way).

This kit explores four key life chapters, each covering a number of lead questions and subsequent follow up prompts, so you can find out those deeper stories that you may not otherwise know.

To learn more, you can watch this video which highlights the benefits in more detail.

DIY Story Capture Kit interview and capture the story of your loved one
  • The Benefits for the Storyteller

    • They will enjoy reflecting and reminiscing about the different parts of their life in a relaxed way
    • This will build their self worth, pride and dignity (as they realise all they have achieved)
    • Doing this will connect them to you on a deeper level
    • It is a great distraction for them
      • Especially if their health isn’t amazing
    • It will give them peace of mind that their story is known and captured for future generations… forever

  • The Benefits for the Interviewer

    • Doing this will enable you to learn and understand your loved one on a deeper level
    • As you learn more about them, you will actually understand yourself better
    • Learning about your loved one’s story will make them feel good
    • We guarantee you will learn things you didn’t know, making you feel more connected to your loved one
    • Capturing their story will benefit all your future generations to come

$19.95Add to cart

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