• History is lost or forgotten if not captured

  • There is no substitute for hearing a story from its source

  • Capture your loved ones story before it is too late!

  • Everyone has a story and every life is unique

On a mission to leave no story left untold, we honour the narrative of your lived experiences to publish results you could only dream of achieving on your own. Ensure no page of your story is left unturned, and join the rising
number of families and businesses who’ve discovered Australia’s fastest
growing story sharing enterprise – My Word.

My Life Story

Do you have an elderly loved one full of fantastic tales? Then capture and package their unique life story into a ‘Book’

My Storyboard

Do you want to reduce the anxiety of having a loved one in care? Then celebrate their story onto a ‘Storyboard’

My Business

Authentically showcase your business’ unique point of difference and most valuable asset… your story!

  • Happy 2018! We are back and ready for another exciting year ahead ☺
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  • Danielle engaging the residents of Arcare in Point Lonsdale to share stories in a fun and exciting way… we call it ‘Story-Opoly’
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  • Sneak peak into the work we are doing to celebrate our wonderful client’s 25th Anniversary of their business 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Launching March 2018 ✨
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  • Our Co-Founder, Danielle, is holding her own grandfather’s Storyboard here 🙌🏽
He was actually the inspiration behind creating a Story Sharing platform in Aged Care and someone who Danielle admired immensely. ❤️
We have lots of exciting things coming from My Word in 2018! Stay tuned ✨
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  • Stories are the only way we can understand the world through somebody else’s eyes
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