Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Whilst in Isolation

Just because COVID-19 requires us all to physically isolate and distance ourselves from each other – this doesn’t mean we need to socially isolate. In the lead up to this very different Mother’s Day, we need to think outside the box as to how we can still make our mums and grandmas feel special. 

Below are 3 ideas on how we can make Mother’s Day 2020 even more special than any other year ?

    1. Grandchild Story Capture Project 
      We have just released our Grandchild Story Capture Project, for Grandchildren to work together with their Grandma to learn & capture their life story (over the phone or facetime).

    2. My Word Card Game
      This Card Game is a fun way for ALL family members to play together (including family members over the phone or facetime) in order to learn more about each other. It does not require any writing, and is designed to foster conversation. 

    3. Mother’s Day Gift Guide (we feature on page 19 ?)
      Our friends at Elka Swim have created this amazing Mother’s Day Gift Guide. All 54 Products are UNDER $50, all from amazing Australian Businesses (who we should support during these crazy times). 

We know that we are living in unusual times, but let’s use this time to continue to connect with our families and make our mums feel special this Mother’s Day. 

?PSST… Remember to check-in with ALL your family members during this time.

Warm Regards, 
My Word