4 Meaningful Ideas to Do Whilst in Isolation

In these unprecedented times, we find ourselves forced to slow down, giving us more time to do things we wouldn’t normally have time for. 

Now that you are home and looking for extra things to do as a family, we have 4 meaningful and productive ideas that perhaps are things you have been delaying. 

    1. Why not use the time to go through all your old photo albums and label/date these important memories?
      We all know those dusty albums or boxes full of amazing memories. It can be overwhelming going through your photos, this is why we have created our Photo Selection Guide as a simple step-by-step tool so you can easily select, order, label and scan your most precious photo memories.

    2. Use this time to interview an elderly loved one over the phone, and capture their life story.
      If you are unsure of how to start or what questions to ask – purchase & immediately download our DIY Story Capture Kit

    3. Looking for a new activity to play as a family that helps you connect and also explores your family history?
      Our Card Game is a fun way for family members to play together in order to learn more about each other. It is designed to foster conversation in a relaxed way. 

    4. Are you wanting to create an engaging and inclusive conversation with your family at dinner?  
      Our Chatter Box Dinner Tool is for growing families to use to better connect with one another by using story sharing in a unique and fun way. It has been carefully designed to build positive family dynamics.


We know that we are living in unusual times, but let’s use this time to build a stronger family dynamic and emerge from time as a more connected family unit.  

PS: Remember to check-in with ALL your family members during this time.

“Our Family Story shapes us all. It helps us understand who we are and where we have come from”

– My Word