Self Isolate With a Purpose

Are you self isolating and looking for something to do that will make an impact and leave a lasting legacy for your family? 

As COVID-19 forces us all to stay home and away from our vulnerable and at risk elderly loved ones, it’s so important, now more than ever, to ensure they are not lonely.

So, why not learn and capture their life story over the phone? It will give you all something meaningful to do and will make your loved ones FEEL GOOD. 

It’s heartbreaking to think that your parents/grandparents may be sitting in their homes on their own worried about the times we are in. Having them talk about their life is a wonderful way to distract them. 

All you need is our DIY Story Capture Kit, which will provide guidance on where to start, what questions to ask, and themes to explore. Once you start, the stories and memories will come flooding back, we promise. 

Below we share 3 tips that will make doing this easier and more special for you all ?

TIP 1: We suggest doing a 30-minute session with them each day, and just see how many questions you get through (there is no rush). This means you are checking in on them everyday.

TIP 2: Each day, have your children take it in turns to call their grandparents and ask them the next set of questions. This means they will connect with their grandparents in an impactful way during this time of social isolation.

TIP 3: Use an app on your phone or laptop or use a recording device (like a dictaphone) to record each conversation. Here are some suggestions: 

Doing this will be something deeply special for you, your elderly loved one and your wider family. Let’s try to make the best out of the difficult and devastating situation we are all in. 

Download our DIY Story Capture Kit Here.

I have had messages from each of my Granddaughters thanking me for sharing my story, I had no idea they would be so interested!

– Heather