four kinds of moments which can impact our life

The four kinds of moments which can impact our life

Life is made up of many moments, and when we capture a person’s life story, we find that it’s the smaller more intimate moments that often mean the most.

These small moments usually strike up powerful emotions that prove to be meaningful, leaving a lasting imprint in someone’s mind. Although these are usually brief experiences, they have the power to jolt us, elevate us and change us.

So how do we know which life moments will have the most impact?

Chip & Dan Heath, the authors of The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact, identify four different kinds of moments which can potentially impact our life:

1. Moments of Elevation: These lift us out of our everyday life. They are filled with joy, delight and surprise (eg: A ‘pinch-me’ moment whilst travelling)

2. Moments of Insight: These are when we have an epiphany about ourselves or our world. There are potentially many of these throughout our life (eg: The moment we decide to change career path)

3. Moments of Pride: When we feel we have achieved something, been at our best, drawing on strength, skill and courage to accomplish something we didn’t think we could (eg: The moment we give birth)

4. Moments of Connection: When a moment occurs that brings us closer to someone else and them to us (eg: A moment when we fall more in love)

Being aware of these different kinds of moments can give us clarity of why certain things happen or don’t happen. Reflecting on our ‘moments’ is a wonderful way to understand who we are and where we are going.

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