Why creating a strong family narrative is so important

Why creating a strong family narrative is so important

Staying connected to our family is never a destination, it’s a constant journey in which we need to actively work on, just like any relationship. As the famous quote says, “the grass is greener where you water it.”  

In raising a family, it falls upon parents to create the culture, rituals and habits in which their family spends time together to learn, share and connect with the stories of one another. As Bruce Feiler simplifies it in his book ‘The Secrets to Happy Families’, a lot of life happiness comes from spending time with people you care about”. 

Whether it be dinner time, holidays, birthdays, car rides, or weekend outings, these are all times where stories can be told and learned, through which children can grow stronger, healthier and more connected. 

Research conducted by Dr Marshall Duke shows that children who know a lot about their families tend to do better when they face challenges as it has built their awareness for navigating the normal ups and downs of life, when they occur.

The best part is that if we parents are conscious of the family narrative and dynamic we are trying to create, then our children are going to always share and keep connected with us, no matter their age (even when they move out or travel). 

At My Word, we aim to empower families to better connect and have developed many story tools and resources to assist you. Our Card Game is specifically designed to connect ALL generations of a family in a relaxed and fun way 🙂 

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