your story

Our ‘Dash’ is our Story (and forms who we are)

Have you ever come across an old family photo and wondered who the people in the photo are?

Today, we can easily access public records to establish births, deaths, marriages, arrival dates and the employment of previous generations. However, we find that knowing an ancestor’s story (the ‘dash’ between birth and death) connects us with them more deeply.

Imagine knowing your ancestor’s key personality traits, the interests they had, their inner thoughts and how they felt throughout the different stages of their life!

Imagine understanding their stories of courage, determination and resilience in forging their life, especially for those now in a new country and culture.

Stories reveal our past, inform our character, and showcase how life was lived, why family traditions are important and why certain rituals are practiced. Believe it or not, your ancestors were young once; they too had hopes, ambitions and challenges which they had to overcome. We all navigate our own path and experience the ups and downs that life throws at us. As we age, these experiences (good and bad) shape our views of the world and provide a vital life attribute: wisdom!

So, what is the ‘dash’ of your family members around you? Do you know those stories as well as you would like to? Now is the time to find out!

This is where we can help. We are on a mission to make sure everyone knows their loved one’s ‘dash’. We want to empower you to find out now, as it will enable you to learn, grow and connect with them… forever!